Do massage therapists produce care plans for their clients?

Do massage therapists produce care plans for their clients? This depends on the type of massage therapists and the situation.

Licensed massage therapists with a degree of medical training can create care plans under the supervision of a medical doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor. Their care plan outlines the number of treatments per week, type of massage, implements like heat lamps to be used and duration of each massage session. A care plan may set a schedule of decreasing massage intensity, shorter massage sessions or shifting techniques from deep tissue to lighter massage methods as someone’s condition improves.

These types of care plans are usually reviewed by a medical professional and may take place in a medical facility. It is very common for someone to work for an hour or two with a physical therapist in a clinic and then visit the massage therapist next door. And the care plan for these visits can be submitted to health insurance for payment or reimbursement. Alternatively, the massage therapist may simply be performing an act prescribed by the doctor’s care plan and sign it off, but didn’t create the original care plan.

Massage therapists who aren’t licensed cannot create legitimate care plans. Those who work in spas may be licensed, but their care plan may include a mix of beauty treatments, skin conditioners and products sold to the customer for a commission instead of a care plan determined by strict medical needs.

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