How does massage therapy work?

Massage therapists use soft tissue manipulation to treat conditions from back pain to soft tissue injuries to stress. Massage therapy can relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and rehabilitate injuries. Massage does not eliminate the need for physical therapy, but it may be recommended by doctors to reduce muscle pain and cramps after physical therapy or help those who are increasing their activity level to manage it without additional pain killers or muscle relaxers.

Massage therapists don’t just perform massages. They track their hours billed, fill out medical paperwork when the massage is done per a prescription or treatment plan and clean items that clients come into contact with. Massage therapists working in doctor’s offices tend to make more than those working in spas, due to the more sensitive and challenging work.

Those working as medical professionals must be licensed in nearly all jurisdictions and have medical training, whereas massage “therapy” to massage one’s foot or back aren’t qualified to be medical professionals. However, massage courses, such as massage training in Perth or other cities are advised in order to learn proper practice. These massage therapists may fill out medical plans for their patients, such as planning how many minutes or hours of massage are required after physical therapy or number of sessions per week to manage pain.

Massage therapists should adjust the number of treatments per week, amount of time per sessions and type of massage as the patient’s condition improves. Proper massage therapy is done per a doctor’s prescription or under medical supervision, though that may be a chiropractor or physical therapist instead of an M.D.

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